Higher Technical Qualifications

What are Higher Technical Qualifications? 

Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) are new or existing Level 4 and 5 qualifications such as Higher National Certificates (HNCs), Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and foundation degrees. They are an alternative to apprenticeships or degrees and provide a more practical, skills-based path to a rewarding career for those looking to upskill, retrain or gain a qualification.

They have been developed by awarding bodies in collaboration with employers so students can develop the skills that employers want. 

Approved courses show the HTQ quality mark logo. 

Free HTQ modules

We are delighted to offer one fully-funded module for free on our HND in Leadership and Management HTQ, providing students with an opportunity to upskill in topics of interest such as Human Resources, Accounting and more. Please see below.

Our HTQ courses

We have an exciting new range of HTQs, including Level 4 courses. These courses are specialised to provide students with the necessary training, knowledge and skills needed for success in the workplace. Find out more information below.

HND in Leadership and Management for England (HTQ)

HND Healthcare Professions’ Support for England (HTQ)

OTHM L4 Diploma in Project Management    

OTHM L4 Diploma in Accounting and Business     

Discover our full list of fully-funded* modules on our HND in Leadership and Management HTQ below. Students can choose to study one module and gain a Pearson certificate at the relevant level for the units achieved and up to 30 credits.

*These modules are being funded by the government therefore learners will not need to pay tuition fees. Learners aged between 19 and 60 are eligible for the modules. There are no restrictions for learners who already hold a qualification, such as a degree or qualification completed as an apprenticeship.  

Watch this film for more details: 

Who are HTQs for?

HTQs are for students who are aged 18 and over, and looking to study a subject to prepare them for a specifically skilled job in a particular sector, such as business, IT, legal and accounts and finance. However, HTQs are also suitable for adults looking to change careers, retrain or upskill in their current job role.

They can also be used as a launchpad into further study or training. There are no restrictions for students who already hold a qualification, such as a degree or qualification completed as an apprenticeship.  

How can HTQs help me in my career path?

Higher Technical Qualifications are an alternative to apprenticeships or degrees. They may suit individuals that want a more practical, employer-led study programme. 

HTQs offer a high-quality alternative to other popular routes into a career such as apprenticeships, traineeships or degrees, producing graduates who are ‘work ready’ with the skills employers are looking for. 

HTQs offer several benefits to students:

Industry-Relevant Skills: These qualifications are
designed to meet industry standards and equip students with practical
expertise, ensuring they are ready to tackle challenges in a chosen field.

Career Progression: HTQs are highly valued by employers and
can open doors to highly skilled and well-paid roles across various
sectors, giving you a head start in your chosen career. 

Specialised Training: HTQs offer specialised training and focus areas
that align with emerging trends and demands in the job market, providing opportunities to
gain expertise in niche areas highly sought after by employers.

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