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Join us for adult specialist short, unaccredited courses starting throughout the year.

Whether you are a budding hobbyist, an aspiring artist or an avid scientist, Morley has a wide range of specialist short courses available for you to choose from. Our expert tutors are well-known professionals in their fields, with bags of knowledge and passion. So you could experience learning with artists, musicologists, scientists and more.

Activist, feminist and educationalist Emma Cons saw the potential in the underserved communities around her, founding a college in 1889 named after philanthropist, liberalist and abolitionist Samuel Morley.

As the world keeps changing, our commitment to providing adults with inspiring opportunities is as strong as ever. We have, however, made sure that we have adapted the many ways in which you can learn with us.

  • In Centre Learning with Social Distancing – for those of you who love engaging in person at our Chelsea, North Kensington and Waterloo centres.
  • Online only – for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home
  • Online + – for those who would welcome a bit of both

Discover a wide range of courses at our Waterloo Centre