<strong>Studying Higher Education at Morley</strong> 

Morley is proud to be London’s oldest adult education centre. We’ve offered adult education since the 1840s and remain committed to helping London’s adults achieve their ambitions. 

As an adult student, you will benefit from studying with like-minded adult students, in an environment focused on helping you to achieve your educational goals. Our teachers are experts in their fields and with our smaller class sizes for higher education classes, you will benefit from more one-to-one teacher contact to help you progress and learn individually. 

Our college centres are welcoming and small, so you won’t be lost in a crowd or simply be a number in a class. 

Did you know that we are the only centre in the UK that offers millinery studies at higher education level. 

We also have extra facilities for our students, including our renowned Morley Gallery and Morley Radio, both of which offer students opportunities to create, curate and display their work.  

Our end of year art shows for example, give our arts students a great opportunity to present their work in our gallery to a wider audience.