Adult financial and childcare support

Learner Support Fund Bursary

IIf you are enrolled on a substantial course at Entry Level, Level 1 & Level 2, or on a Level 3 course as part of the Free Courses for Jobs Offer: National Skills Fund or the London Recovery Flexibility you can apply to the learner support fund bursary if you meet the eligibility and attendance criteria.  

Advanced Learner Loan Bursary

If you are enrolled onto a Level 3 courses and you have an approved Advanced Learner Loan, you can apply to the learner support fund if you meet the  eligibility and attendance criteria.

These two Funds can help with travel, materials and childcare on accredited programs of study. Unfortunately, these bursaries cannot be used to pay for course fees.

Eligible learners will be:

  • aged 19 or over on 31  August in the academic year you are studying in 
  • enrolled on an applicable accredited course(s) 
  • be on, or be dependent on someone with, low income below £25,000 or on a means tested benefit. Proof of household income showing the above, will need to accompany the online application. 

Travel and materials

For travel costs you must live in excess of one mile from the College, unless there are exceptional circumstances. There will be no travel payment for online courses.

If you live in zones 1 to 3, payment is £3 per day you are timetabled to be in college, for zones 4 upwards £5 per day. If you live further away the college may be able to help with extra costs.

The Materials payment is based on your course.

If you have a disability or learning difficulty you may be eligible for extra support with materials related to your disability or learning difficulty, please speak to Learning Support in the first instance.


The bursary funds can support the cost of childcare for children aged between 1-5 years for full time care and from 5 years to 11 years for part time care. The maximum amount is £55 per day per child Providers must be Ofsted registered. The college can support up to 3 children per student. We will need to see a passport or a birth certificate as evidence for each child. Students in receipt of free childcare will be expected to use these hours to cover study time before claiming funding from the College.

The college supports daytime childcare when you are timetabled to be at college or on a college related placement whether online or in person. Payments for childcare costs will be made directly into the bank account of your childcare provider by BACS transfer every 2 weeks. No payments will be made for half terms, Christmas or Easter holidays. Please note that it remains your responsibility to pay for any periods or amounts not previously approved and to pay the full cost of childcare should you stop attending regularly or withdraw from your course of study.

Please email: to get the link to the form to complete.

Notice Periods

We will not pay any notice periods, so please make sure if you are changing childcare providers you are able to cover this cost yourself Please note that the Childcare support is only confirmed upon receipt of a letter of confirmation from Student Finance, and the fund is distributed strictly on a first come first served basis.

Applications for Childcare

You must complete a bursary application via the Morley College website.

Please complete an application for Childcare as soon as possible, but you can apply throughout the year. 

Applications for Travel & Materials 

You must complete bursary application via the Morley College website, uploading all evidence required by Friday 21 October 2022. 

Applications received after this date will be considered for the next round of payments. However we will accept late applications depending on the circumstances. 


Payments for childcare will commence as soon as possible.  

Payments for travel and materials will be made once per term.  The first payment will be made in the week commencing 31 October 2022.  Payments will be made to you by BACS transfer.  

Support will be removed if:  

  • Your attendance is below 90 per cent at any given time  
  • You subsequently abandon or do not complete the programme of learning.  
  • Your conduct or behaviour is in breach of College Rules & Regulations 

To find out when bursary and childcare payments are made, download this file: 


The college has a small number of laptops that can be lent to students on accredited courses. The loan will only be for the duration of your course(s) and must be returned at the end. A request is not a guarantee of a laptop loan.


If you are a full-time student (15 or more hours a week) and living in a London borough you can get discounted travel with an 18+ Student Oyster photocard . Please apply through the TFL website.

For further advice:

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