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COVID-19 is changing the world: let Morley help you discover YOUR new normal through learning.

Your new normal might be about getting into a challenging jobs market; it might be about changing careers; it might be about honing your digital skills; it might be about paying special attention to your physical or mental wellbeing. Or it might just be about getting back to the joy of learning in a group of like-minded individuals after a period of lockdown and isolation.

Until the end of October 2020, you’ll be able to enrol for courses that we’ve specifically selected on the basis that they will help you to Upskill, Reskill or Enjoy

UPSKILL Strip 2xUpskill is all about building your skill set for the new normal: whether you’re an 18-year-old in the jobs market for the first time, or someone mid-career who’s looking to progress. COVID-19 is making the jobs market more competitive: Morley can help you succeed.

Click here to view our courses that will help you to Upskill, including:

Esports, giving you a grounding in the emerging world of gaming and entertainment. As well as developing your skills, you’ll explore the culture of Esports, events management, technical skills, and a variety of game genres.
• Public Speaking, to help boost your confidence in the workplace website and blog design for beginners, which will teach you how to create a website using the world's most popular Content Management System

RESKILL Strip 2xReskill is for those considering a change of career path, whether by choice or because your sector is particularly affected by COVID-19. It also includes a strand of digital skills to help everyone be productive in an increasingly online world.

Click here to view our courses that will help you to Reskill, including:

An Introduction to Pattern Cutting, giving you an insight into the fashion industry
City & Guilds Diploma in Medical Administration, training you in the essential skills that help keep a busy GP surgery or hospital department running smoothly, and a stepping stone to a more senior  role in the healthcare sector
Introduction to IT Skills, teaching you the basics of creating electronic documents, email and the internet

ENJOY Strip 2xEnjoy is all about your mental and physical wellbeing, and your personal development. Enforced isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are keen to rediscover our social side through being part of a learning experience with others.

Click here to view courses that will help you Enjoy life, including:

Printmaking courses that give you access to our specialist studio in Chelsea: try a taster session, or regular classes on Monday afternoons and evenings
Folk Choir at Morley: enjoy the camaraderie of singing in a group and the challenge of communicating in this art form
Acting: Introduction, helping you discover the joy of treading the boards
Dance Stretch, which is specially designed to combine fitness training with the pleasure of dance

We want as many people as possible to benefit from learning with Morley and discovering their own new normal.

So the first 500 people to enrol onto any of the courses that are part of our Upskill-Reskill-Enjoy scheme will receive a single-use promotional code that’s worth £25 against any other Morley College London unaccredited short course that starts in Autumn 2020.

With many of our courses starting at under £5 per session, £25 can go a long way…

What’s more, the code is fully transferable – you can pass it on to a friend, a family member, a colleague…anyone who’d benefit from learning with Morley.

We'll email you within 7 days of signing up with your single-use promotional code.

Terms and conditions for use of the code apply.