A welcome to our Chelsea centre

Creativity is the capacity to imagine, conceive, express, or make something that didn’t exist before.  

Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, 2019

Creativity is everywhere. It is valued as much by athletes, engineers, mathematicians and scientists as it is by artists, writers and composers.  

So, it is in this generous world – defined by a belief that creativity exists in all places and all sectors – that the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries is finding its niche. And it is here where we support our creatives to build 21st century skills for future careers.  

Nearly all our skills building starts with a curricular diet that you would expect in an art school environment…such as confidence in line, colour, form and composition. But that’s also complemented by a firm foundation in the essential skills that everyone needs in language, digital skills and maths.  

With these building blocks in place, our students have the freedom to pursue a specialist field…of which there are many across the ecosystem that we’re creating here at Chelsea.  

Each and every day I’m thrilled to see students developing their talents in painting, pattern cutting, casting, editing, millinery, darkroom processing, intaglio printing, studio lighting…and so the list goes on. What unites them – what unites us – is the joy of making and creativity. 

We use an industry description of ‘T’ shaped skills: the horizontal line being an expression of those essential and core skills that give our students their grounding, and the vertical line describing that specialist bit that makes each creative unique.  

But a final element of the Morley skills mix is probably the most important of all: it is the bit that the creative industries excel at, and yet perhaps the sector’s best kept secret.  

That is supporting the development of students’ transferable skills. 

The skills that employers consistently recognise as in highest demand including teamwork, communication, initiative, and problem solving. The skills that help you remain resilient, work with others and value what you do.  

And this is why our centre is committed to curating moments of collaboration, both within and outside the college walls, where students find opportunities to sharpen their skills in working and communicating with others. 

It may be easy to think that with this approach to skills that every student turns out the same. On the contrary, we are proud of the diversity of our students: every journey is unique, and every outcome is different.  

It is what makes the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries the most exciting place in London to study. We are proud partners in every student’s journey to find their authentic self. 

Matias Shortcook 
Principal, Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries