Levels of Learning

At Morley College London we offer a wide range of courses from Entry Level to Level 5. But how can you tell which level is the right one for you? Check our guide to the Levels of Learning here to find out:


Most of our courses are short courses with no qualifications attached, so they have no formal entry requirements. However, a course labelled “Intermediate” or “Advanced” will require some previous knowledge or experience of the subject, and some subjects - such as languages or some dance courses - operate in “stages” so you can choose according to your existing knowledge. Always check the course descriptions for guidance.



Entry Level courses are for absolute beginners in a subject and also have three sub-levels, with Entry Level 3 being the most difficult. All of the Entry Level courses at Morley are run by Essential Skills, and most of them are ESOL courses.


This is a beginners’ level course that is roughly equivalent to a low GCSE grade and is designed to help you develop basic skills and knowledge that you can build on later. Level 1 courses generally require little previous experience, but if you want to take a Level 1 ESOL course you may have to complete Entry Level 3 first. Our accredited Level 1 courses include Level 1 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills and the AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping and Accounting Software.


A Level 2 course is roughly equivalent to a higher GCSE grade and is also suitable for students with little previous experience in a subject. These courses will provide you with a grounding for further study or for starting work. Our accredited Level 2 courses include the AAT Level 2 Award in Accounting Software and CIBTAC Diploma in Beauty Therapy Services: Level 2.


Level 3 courses are broadly equivalent to A-levels and are designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to build a career or go on to higher study. At Morley, when we talk about “Advanced Learning” we generally mean an accredited Level 3 course, such as the City & Guilds Award in Education and Training: Level 3, the Morley Textiles Foundation Diploma, or the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Our Access to HE Diploma courses are also Level 3; these courses are designed to help you get into university if you don’t already have the right qualifications. Despite being classed as “Advanced Learning”, these courses don’t necessarily require previous experience or qualifications, just a good standard of English, maths and IT.


Level 4 is broadly equivalent to the first level of university study, and these courses require a relevant Level 3 qualification, or suitable life experience, as an entry requirement. A Level 4 course will build on your existing work and study skills and enable you to begin your career at a higher level.


Level 5 is broadly equivalent to the second level of university study - all of our HNDs are Level 5. A relevant Level 3 qualification or suitable life experience are required, as well as a good standard of English, maths and IT. Our HND courses are designed to give you professional work skills as well as higher study skills, so you’ll gain a qualification that will give you a strong start in building your career, while also preparing you for higher study if you decide to pursue a full degree.

A full explanation of qualification levels is available here: https://www.gov.uk/what-different-qualification-levels-mean