Firm foundations at North Kensington

It’s not just bricks and mortar we’re investing in at North Kensington, it’s a firm foundation for the curriculum too. And whilst the future certainly looks exciting for Morley’s North Kensington Centre, right here and now in the present we’re already delivering an innovative curriculum that’s tailormade for the local community.

A curriculum for the community

North Kensington Centre Principal Craig Hanlon-Smith said: “The starting point for the design of both our building and our curriculum is a real desire to have a positive impact on the lives of those who call W10 home.

“As our community continues its recovery from the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017 – and begins to tackle the challenging aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic – Morley recognises the critical importance of education in supporting local residents through high-quality post-16 education and training tailored to learning needs.”

Skills for the future

One of the college’s key curriculum commitments is to student employability and wider learning outcomes, and these are the underpinnings of teaching and learning at North Ken.

The Centre will put special emphasis on technical and vocational skills: opportunities that link with wider pathways in education, skills acquisition, employment opportunities and links with industry under the Mayor’s Skills for London plans.

Morley College London Principal and CEO Dr. Andrew Gower said: “Analysis of learning needs and participation confirms the major role the North Kensington Centre will play in supporting progression in learning and work, with opportunities for vocational education and training tailored to current and future employment in sectors including Business, Information Technology, Health, Education and Science.”

A flexible learning ethos

As well as what we’re delivering in the curriculum, we’re also focused on how we deliver it, and we’re working hard to create a welcoming environment for each and every student at North Ken. 

So you can expect flexible learning approaches such as providing a crèche for parents, encouraging different ways to study, and an inclusive, accessible learning environment that welcomes diversity.

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