Morley Gallery: Sara Baume: Devotions, Keepsakes and Talismans



6 Oct-3 Nov 2018


Mon-Fri 11.00-18.00 Sat 12.00-16.00.


Morley Gallery, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT



This exhibition features three separate yet connected installations, consisting of hundreds of small, painted, hand-made objects that all borrow in some form from the aesthetic principles and symbolism of the souvenir.

2018 Sara Baume

Keepsakes started several years ago with the artist’s collection of souvenir plates from places she had never been; the pattern-painted crockery which make up the installation is a response to her more recent experiences of banal travel. The clay and twig flowers which make up Devotions borrow from the wooden tulip, and the plaster house-like structures which form the focus of the installation Talismans are each a re-imagining of the iconic Irish cottage figurine.

Though better known as a writer, Sara Baume synchronously makes sculptures in the spirit of amateur craft, appropriating certain of its materials and methodologies. She works always at home, in a rented house divided into miscellaneous workstations, and mostly at night, subsequent to the obligations of desk work. Her preference is for domestic materials such as plaster, china, plyboard and emulsion paint.

In her visual projects as in her writing, Baume explores an obsession with the world of materials and detail, and with the potential force of small objects made with affection and solicitude.

This exhibition has been made possible by the support of Culture Ireland as part of the GB18 programme.


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