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Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor TBC FAS HPL - Grade H
  • Course Code C23FACC15C
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

Delve into the core principles of ethical fashion, exploring sustainable practices and the slow fashion movement. Gain insights into responsible consumption, eco-friendly design, and the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Discover how to make mindful choices in the fashion industry, balancing style with sustainability. Engage in discussions on fair labor practices and the importance of a circular fashion economy. Join us in fostering a conscious approach to fashion, where every thread tells a story of environmental responsibility and ethical craftsmanship, shaping a more sustainable and equitable future

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of sustainable practices and the principles of slow fashion, recognizing the environmental and social impacts of fashion choices.
  • Acquire practical skills in designing and creating fashion items with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials and processes, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible industry.
  • Cultivate the ability to make informed and mindful choices as a consumer, understanding the implications of fast fashion and embracing the values of slow fashion for a more ethical and sustainable approach to personal style.


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee
  • Class format and activities

    The online 4 week course is designed to foster a dynamic learning environment that caters to students of varying skill levels and backgrounds.

    Entry requirements

    All levels welcome.

    What you need to know before you enrol

    Excellent attendance and punctuality is required from all students. Students are generally expected to spend some time outside of class for completion of activities.

    What you need

    A computer with internet access and willingness to participate in lesson discussions online,

    What you can do next

    Continue your journey with us in a variety of engaging courses at Morley College. Visit our website for more information.