Learning with Morley

Morley College London has been where London enjoys learning for over 130 years- we're not going to stop now.

We've made changes to how we deliver our courses throughout 2020, to ensure that you can begin, continue or return to your studies with us, whatever restrictions are in place.

So whether you're looking to try something new, learn remotely, or begin your path to higher education, we're here to support your learning however we can.

Online learning 

Online courses are ideal for students who prefer to learn from home. Delivered via Microsoft Teams (or in some cases a different learning platform) and supported using a Virtual Learning Environment (usually Moodle or Google Classroom), all our online courses are taught by an experienced Morley College London tutor and offer genuine interaction at a distance, allowing for the personalisation of learning just as in an actual classroom.

Online Plus courses are delivered largely in the same way as online courses but with a minimum of 20% contact time with tutors in one of our college buildings. This might be 1 day out of 5 spent in the classroom, or it might be 1 week out of 5 in the studio; exact arrangements differ according to the specific course you’re studying.

Find out more about joining our online learning courses here.

Learning with us on site

Courses delivered in-centre with social distancing will be taught with smaller cohorts of students and reduced contact time in order to observe social distancing. These courses will be supported with additional learning materials made available online. 

Learn more about the measures we are taking to keep our community safe here