Student Showcase

Explore Morley College London’s Student Showcase, a dynamic display of creativity across visual arts and digital media. Discover the diverse talent and inspiring stories behind each masterpiece. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of the arts.

End of Year Shows

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Nowhere are The Artists of Morley better showcased than across the many end-of-year shows on display across the college’s three centres. From fashion to fine art, photography to millinery, interior design to sculpture, this year’s shows serve as a reminder that great artistry inspires us all.

Showcases from the Visual Arts

Morley College London’s exhibitions highlight diverse student creativity and personal growth, from contemporary painting and beginner photography to innovative ceramics and multidisciplinary art. Each showcase celebrates unique artistic journeys. These displays collectively emphasise the College’s commitment to fostering artistic expression and innovation.

Ceramics by Sophie Rae


View work from our ceramics showcase

Jewellery by Shirley Nelson


View work from our jewellery showcase

Photography by Alex Radu


View work from our photography showcase

Laorena Ujkani artwork

Fine Art

View work from our art showcase

Showcases from Millinery and Textiles

Hat by Molly Syrett


View work from our millinery showcase

Artwork by Kate Wakeham


View work from our textiles showcase