Morley secures funding to promote green skills

We’re delighted to have secured Department for Education Strategic Development Fund (SDF) funding that will help us to use the power of education to address the looming climate crisis.

The funding is a thanks to a London-based partnership between Further Education Colleges, Institutes of Adult Learning and Local Authorities, and will result in training for teachers that will empower them to deliver green skills – including climate awareness and literacy – no matter what subject they teach.

The project is one of the first times that colleges, adult learning providers and local authorities have collaborated on a project of this scale and importance, and has the potential to transform the lives of Londoners.

“This project will empower our educators to harness the transferable or ‘fusion’ skills of creativity, problem solving and group working to help us all develop strategies for tackling the world’s climate crisis.”

Gerald Jones, Director of Community Learning

The project’s first phase will come into effect from January 2023, with training opportunities being made available for FE and adult education specialists. The culmination of the project will be a toolkit of resources that can be used by any tutor to inject the green agenda into their curriculum.

We will publish more information in due course, but anyone interested to learn more – or to contribute their own ideas – can email Gerald at