Morley welcomes new employer-led skills plan for Londoners

London’s new Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) – published by BusinessLDN last week – represents a “step change” in how skills providers like Morley can plan for the future of the capital.

“Following comprehensive consultation and expert analysis, the capital’s Local Skills Improvement Plan is a powerful motivator for providers to equip Londoners for future success,” said Dr Andrew Gower, Principal & CEO, Morley College London.

“The LSIP brings into sharp focus the skills priorities to be addressed, providing a step change in the evidence-base to tackle the persistent skills shortages faced by employers.

“It is especially welcome that the LSIP will address inequality by giving a major boost to labour market inclusion for London’s growth sectors.”

A shared agenda

The creation of London’s LSIP has been funded by the Department for Education, led by BusinessLDN, and developed in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses London (FSB), London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), and Confederation of British Industry London (CBI) – with the backing of the Mayor of London and London government.

Morley has supported the development as a member of BusinessLDN, and by facilitating and contributing to specific discussions on green skills and creativity, and forging new links with the employment sector off the back of the consultation process. Read this article published on the BusinessLDN blog in February 2023.

Next steps

With key skills recommendations focused on boosting Londoners’ digital skills, developing truly transferable skills that all employers look for, and supercharging green skills as the capital looks to a net-zero future, Morley looks forward to responding via our ever-evolving and extraordinarily diverse curriculum.

“Just last month we published Fusion Skills: Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, a direct response to the need identified within the LSIP to promote and embed green skills across the curriculum,” said Matthew Cunningham, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer.

“It demonstrates how Morley’s curriculum is clearly aligned to Londoners’ skills needs, and we look forward to working with BusinessLDN and others in the months to come to continue to deliver the next phase of work on the LSIP.”

To find out more about the LSIP, please go to BusinessLDN’s LSIP microsite.