LGBTQ+ Hearts and Minds Unite at Morley College London

As LGBTQ+ History Month draws to a close, we take a look at the fun and enlightening staff and student events for LGBTQ+ history month at Morley College London. Staff organised a film screening, a library display, social events and an inspiring talk about Transgender experience by Kenny Ethan Jones, model, writer, advocate.

A former student at an adult education college himself, Kenny visited our North Kensington Centre on Tuesday 21 February. He was invited by his former tutor, Lucy Reese, to talk to students about his journey from female to male and to demystify Transgender experience. His talk weaved in his experiences of navigating his education and other areas of his life as a young person growing up in London – all of which our students could relate to, as well as learn about being Transgender.

Kenny Ethan Jones

Kenny described his experience as a little girl trapped in the wrong body, through to becoming the first male model to front a ground-breaking, high profile awareness-raising period campaign.

He experienced hate crime as a student and it almost led him to abandon his studies. This message was a poignant one in an educational setting that aims to be inclusive, embrace diversity and support students to overcome barriers to learning.

Students really listened and engaged with Kenny’s talk, freely asking questions and keen to say a few words of thanks and ask more questions at the end.

The event was organized by Lucy Reese, Programme Area Manager for English, who taught Kenny at City and Westminster College in 2012. She said:

“Kenny is such an inspiration and such a lovely guy. I wanted our students to be able to meet him and understand a bit more about what Kenny has been through in his life, what he has overcome, and what has made him the man he is today. It was so great to see him and what a wonderful person he has become. He really brought his story to life for our students and I know they’ll take a lot from it. I think he is one of a kind and I love how honest and real he is. It’s this that our students really responded to.”

Lucy Reese, Programme Area Manager, English

Huge thanks to Kenny for his visit we wish him all the best in sharing his journey and making the world all the better for it!

Earlier in LGBTQ+ History Month, a queer writer’s group, Queer Write, curated by Caprice Jackson, tutor and author, created a safe, inclusive space to share the joy of language and creative writing at our Waterloo Centre. The event was well attended and plans are afoot to make the meeting more regular. Thank you to all our staff who arranged events to coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month.