If you’re interested in taking an Advanced or Higher Learning course with us but aren’t sure how to pay for your study, funding options are available. Browse the possibilities here to find the right one for you. 

What are the options? 

There are three main options for funding on our Advanced and Higher Learning courses: 

  • Fee Remission for Advanced Level courses 
  • Advanced Learner Loan 
  • Higher Education student loan 

Fee Remission for Advanced Level Courses 

If you are aged 19-23 when the course starts and have never completed a Level 3 course previously, your course could be free. For more information, please contact our Admissions team: admissions@morleycollege.ac.uk or  020 3820 4627. 

Financial Support

You may be eligible to apply for financial help with childcare, travel and materials while you are studying at Morley through the Learner Support Fund. You will need to be enrolled on an applicable accredited course and have a low household income or be in receipt of benefits.

Please complete the Application Form.

Advanced Learner Loan 

If you’re over 19 years old and want to take an Advanced Learning or Access to HE course with us, you may be eligible for the Advanced Learner Loan. 

What is the Advanced Learner Loan? 

The Advanced Learner Loan is operated by the government and can help cover the cost of your tuition fees on an Advanced Learning course. It is not means-tested and doesn’t require credit checks. You don’t have to apply for the full amount, and the loan doesn’t become repayable until you start earning over £26,575. If you use it to pay for an Access to HE Diploma and go on to university-level study, the remaining balance on the loan will be written off once you complete your HE course. 

Repayments start the April after you complete or withdraw from your course. You pay back your loan (plus interest) when you finish your course and earn more than £26,575 a year. Your repayments will stop if your income drops below £26,575 a year.  Your annual repayment amount will be 9% of any income you earn over £26,575. 

What Can I Study? 

The Advanced Learner Loan is valid for all accredited Level 3 courses and selected Level 4 courses. It is not valid for Higher Education courses such as HNCs, HNDs or Bachelor’s degrees. 

It is particularly beneficial if you are planning to take an Access to HE Diploma as the balance will be written off once you complete your HE course. Download the OCN Access to HE Guide for Learners. 

For full information on the Advanced Learner Loan, visit the government’s information page here: https://www.gov.uk/advanced-learner-loan 

Financial Support

An Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund is also available to help with other expenses, such as travel and childcare, while you study.  You will need to be enrolled on an applicable accredited course and have got an Advanced Learner Loan to cover your course fees. 

Please complete the  Application Form.

Higher Education Student Loan 

Student loans for Higher Education courses are available for more than just full university degrees – they’re also valid for our HNDs. These loans will cover the cost of your tuition fees, and a means-tested maintenance loan is also available to help cover your living costs. The loan does not become repayable until you start earning over £26,575 per year. 

For full details on the HE student loan, visit the government’s information page here: https://www.gov.uk/student-finance  

Independent Advice 

Students are strongly advised to seek independent advice before taking out any kind of loan. The Money Advice Service is a free initiative, set up by the government, which will provide impartial advice on all money matters, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. Visit www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk for more information. 

For more information please read our Financial Assistance for Students Policy 2020-21. 

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