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Penny Lecture: Mark Making in the Public Realm by artist EVEWRIGHT

Mark Making in the Public Realm: Claiming and Preserving space for Contemporary Black British Stories in his Art Practice. 

From Walking Drawings with Horses in Cumbria, taking over Takeaways in Colchester to converting a Tilbury Public Walkway into a conversation space for Windrush stories. Artist EVEWRIGHT talks about the evolution of his dynamic multi-disciplinary Art practice and the importance of claiming space for new voices to be heard and experienced. 


EVEWRIGHT is currently showing his latest site-specific Art Installation Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memoriesuntil summer 2022.  


(Banner Image:© Artist: EVEWRIGHT at his site-specific Art and Sound installation  
Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories: Photo: John Ferguson Evewright Arts all rights reserved 2021. )