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Lunchtime Concert: Piano Advanced Performers

Join Morley College London at the Virtual SkillsExpo Exhibition

Forgotten Women: giving voice to the marginalised women of 18th century London

Lunchtime Concert: Opera School

Penny Lecture: What is Kindness? A Kindness Conference

Lunchtime Concert: Piano Masterclass

Piano Recital: Music from Spain and Latin America

Lunchtime Concert: Advanced Chamber Music & Piano Accompaniment

Language of the Month – Spanish Taster

Penny Lecture: Alternative spaces and displaying sculptural work by Sokari Douglas Camp

COMPOSITIONS IN TRIBUTE TO CORNELIUS CARDEW 2021: “Today, in the battle, who we are”

Lunchtime Concert: Chamber Performers Group

Morley Chamber Orchestra Concert

Morley College London Open Day – Chelsea and North Kensington Centre only

Morley College London Waterloo Open Day

Lunchtime Concert: Piano Advanced Performers

Lunchtime Concert: Piano Masterclass

Language of the Month – German Taster

Lunch time concert with Edward Henderson and Lewis Spear

Lunchtime Concert

Language of the Month – Chinese Taster