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Language of the Month – Jamaican Patois Taster

We are so pleased to share with you that our Language of the Month series is returning with a range of events, online content and interviews to inspire you. Let us release the linguist in you as we discover the plethora of Languages on offer at Morley!

Join us on 22 October for our Jamaican Patois session at the Waterloo Centre.

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On this taster will sample some basics of Jamaican Patois. You will also gain an insight into the various types of Jamaican Patois that you might hear (e.g. a fi mi cyar, ah my cyar and it’s my cyar , which all mean ‘it’s my car’.).
Emphasis will be placed on everyday expressions that you might hear on the island (e.g. bungle ah nuh fi yuh. Nah lose it) and basic pronunciation, vocabulary (particularly words that look English but have a different meaning) and grammar rules. This course is suitable for anyone wanting to consolidate their knowledge of the language or learn Patois for holidays. The Languages Department will open a course on Jamaican Patois if there is demand.

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