Working with glass dates back thousands of years, with many civilisations creating distinctive styles using this beautifully versatile material. At Morley, you can explore making and designing pieces in an environment that encourages experimentation and the use of a variety of techniques, including architectural stained glass, mosaics, surface decoration on glass, mould making and kiln-formed glass. 

Whether you are a complete beginner, looking to gain more experience with a particular technique or create a special glass decoration for Christmas, Morley has the course for you. Our team of tutors are professional practitioners and designers in their own right, and excited to bring their passion to the well-equipped studios at both our North Kensington and Waterloo centres. We aim to provide a sound base of skills and knowledge while enhancing self-confidence and revealing potential career opportunities – or simply discovering a love for a new hobby. Many of the courses also include the opportunity to showcase your work in college exhibition spaces and our famous Morley Gallery.

Students will be encouraged to research and develop ideas, with some courses covering general art and design principles, history of design, drawing skills and colour theory. All students negotiate personal learning goals and projects with your tutor.

Depending on the technique, you will progress from the design stage, the cutting and adhering of materials to the final cementing or joining work via heat. You will explore materials, colours, textures, patterns, surface quality and different styles.