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There are other versions of this course available. We’ve listed them below and summarized the differences between the one that you are currently viewing.

When & Where

Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor David Holah
  • Course Code W24PTGF05A
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

Learn how to make silkscreen prints. You will learn how to stretch and prepare a screen, explore different methods of screen printing, make a series of colourful mono prints using colour blends, mask out the screen using leaves and found shapes. You will make stencils by tearing shapes from newsprint paper and silkscreen print your first design, using coloured blends to create interesting coloured images. Review your print and redesign a more complex stencil in response to your existing print, cut the stencil, this time using a cutting blade and cutting mat to get more considered effects. You will learn how to over print the work to create exciting multilayered artworks and gain a good understanding of how to register the screens in order to overprint precisely, you will be able to make artwork combining shapes, textures and colours. After learning the basic techniques of silkscreen printing you will be encouraged to develop ideas and work on a personal project with design guidance and one-to-one tutorials from the tutor. To promote confidence and learning, you will work with your peers, intermediate and advanced students will share their experience and knowledge through group discussion.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • stretch a silkscreen
  • explore different methods of screen printing including mono printing and mask the screen using leaves and found shapes
  • experiment with paper stencils, tear or cut shapes to create different effects by screen printing onto paper
  • learn how to register and overprint to create interesting effects and colour blends
  • make artwork employing different methods, overprint in a combination of different ways and colours to create interesting multi-layered artworks.
  • share learning experience through discussion

Class format and activities

After looking at and discussing print examples the tutor will demonstrate how to stretch a silk screen and explore different methods of silk screen printing using mono printing, Silkscreen print using masking techniques including leaves and found shapes. You will experiment by using cut and torn paper stencils, make designs using a combination of different shapes and images, overprint with different colours to achieve interesting prints. You will be able to develop a personal project employing all learnt techniques.

Entry requirements

The course is suitable for complete beginners and more experienced printmakers who want to try out new and more experimental ideas.

What you need to know before you enrol

Health & Safety information will be given at the start of the course and subsequent lessons where necessary. You will be asked to sign a form declaring that you agree to follow procedures as advised. Some chemicals used may be harmful in pregnancy, and some may cause irritation in very rare cases. Please let the tutor know if you are pregnant or have any sensitivity and they will advise you as to necessary precautions. This class takes place in the textiles studio and we do not have vacuum suction beds. Individual silkscreens are attached to hinged boards these are placed and secured onto the work benches where you can work to make prints.

What you need

Please bring: pencils, a small paintbrush and a sketchbook or notebook and interesting papers to print onto, mirrored, shiny paper colour acetate, patterned paper and fabrics can be fun to print over. Basic materials are supplied- screens, squeegees, ink binder and a starter pack of paper and 1 mesh for screen (extra paper and further screen mesh will have to be paid for) any other specific materials will have to be provided by the learner. It would be advisable to bring your own protective, clothing and rubber gloves.

What you can do next

You can continue onto the second part of this on-going 5 weekly course W23PTGF06B.D/F to develop and expand your project ideas and designs. The course provides an excellent start to printmaking or a refresher or taster of new techniques, once the first 5 weeks are complete you can continue on to develop a more considered silkscreen print practice and learn how develop photographic and hand drawn designs which can be exposed permanently onto a screen coated with a photo sensitive emulsion. There are also different printmaking courses that you could continue on as a beginner, intermediate or advanced printmaker. Check out the new, exciting and varied printmaking classes at Morley College. Other printmaking classes with David Holah on Tuesday evening: .W23PTGA09A/B/ C/D/E/F and Thursday daytime, morning session is W23PTGA11A,B,C,D,E,F, and afternoon session is W23PTGA10A/B/C/D/E/F