When & Where

Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor Selena Kay
  • Course Code W23CCLB03A
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

An introductory course for all musicians to improve their aural skills, sight-singing and general musicianship using this renowned teaching method with an experienced and qualified tutor. Good basic knowledge of music theory and the ability to sing in tune are essential.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise and understand pitch patterns in melody through the relative solfa system
  • Learn rhythm syllables to improve reading and transcription of rhythm
  • Understand the pitch relationships in different tonalities
  • Improve sight-reading of melodic material in different tonalities
  • Develop skills in melodic transposition


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee
  • Class format and activities

    The classes will mainly focus on practical work involving singing. Handouts of musical material will be provided and there will be some written exercises such as annotating and transcribing melodies and rhythms.

    Entry requirements

    Enthusiasm to develop your aural skills, ability to pitch notes with your voice, and understanding of the fundamentals of music theory (scales, keys, time signatures, note values).

    What you need to know before you enrol

    Achievement on your course will be measured by whether you meet the learning outcomes. At the start of the course you will have an opportunity to discuss these with your tutor and set your own personal targets, linked to the learning outcomes and future goals. Excellent attendance and punctuality is required from all students. This course requires study/completion of activities outside of class time.

    What you need

    Pencil and eraser, notebook, manuscript paper. During the first session, you will receive guidance from your tutor about how to access the online course material, such as recordings and sheet music.

    What you can do next

    This course supports and develops musicianship skills so is helpful for any kind of further music study and also to support current music study.