Waterloo Centre

The Waterloo Centre is one of the oldest, specially built, adult education centres in the country. Morley College classes originated in 1889 on the site of the Old Vic Theatre, in Waterloo, and moved to its current site on Westminster Bridge Road in 1924 where it has flourished ever since. The Waterloo Centre occupies a special place in the history of lifelong learning, and by studying here you would become part of that history while shaping our future.

Situated a short walk from London’s cultural centre on the Southbank, the Waterloo Centre is within easy reach whether you’re working in central London and want to pop into a class on the way home, or whether you’re travelling in from the suburbs and can hop on a train, bus or tube to Waterloo to join one of our courses.

Waterloo Centre MapThe choice of courses at the Waterloo Centre is extensive. With around 3000 classes on offer, there is something here for everyone. Our subject offering includes English, Maths, IT and ESOL classes, Humanities and Applied Sciences, Visual and Digital Arts and Music and Performing Arts.

There are over fifty classrooms at the Waterloo centre, many of them specialist rooms and studios for technical subjects to accompany expert tuition. In addition to our two concert halls, there is a theatre space, a state of the art radio studio that is the home to Morley Radio, the Morley Gallery where students can exhibit their work, and a wonderful café.  The Henry Moore sculpture studio at Pelham Hall is also just around the corner.


We look forward to seeing you at the Waterloo centre.

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