Our History and Our Mission and Vision

Established in 1889, and with its roots stretching back some years before that, Morley College London is one of the country's oldest and largest specialist providers of adult education.

Its original philanthropic, charitable foundation continues to be a distinguishing feature of the College to present day.

Founded to address the learning needs of Waterloo and Lambeth - an area of great poverty at the time - as the Morley Memorial College for Working Men and Women, it was the first institution of its kind to admit both men and women on an equal footing. This sense of mission and spirit of inclusion towards the most disadvantaged in society has been maintained throughout Morley's history and continues today: putting our students first underpins all that we do.

Following an extenstive consultation with students, staff and stakeholders, the Morley College Strategic Plan, to be published in January 2016, outlines our ambitious goals for 2016-2020. The strategy places student and stakeholder needs at the centre of what we do. By creating outstanding learning opportunities and delivering an outstanding student experience Morley aspires to stay at the forefront of adult education.


To empower individuals and strengthen communities through adult education in Arts, Culture and Applied Sciences.


For ambitions to be inspired and achieved through learning.