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This campus allows us to offer an increased range of courses to adult learners and helps us increase accessibility to our courses amongst South Londoners.

The Stockwell Centre campus is based at 1 Studley Road, London SW4 6RA, located less than 2 minutes’ walk from Stockwell tube station. The Stockwell Centre, which previously operated as a local community centre, will now be a shared community and adult education space.

The Stockwell Centre initiative is very much in tune with our Mission, to empower individuals and strengthen communities: it places Morley at the heart of the Stockwell Community within our local borough of Lambeth, with a course offering that augments what we already deliver from our other centres across the borough.

A refurbishment project is underway and the first phase of renovation has been completed, allowing us to provide learners with three classroom spaces equipped with the latest Smartboard and IT facilities. The site will also provide students with access to a community garden space and additional amenities for students will be added in the second phase of the refurbishment project.

As the world keeps changing, our commitment to providing adults with amazing and inspiring opportunities is as strong as ever. We have, however, made sure that we have adapted the many ways in which you can learn with us.

  • In Centre Learning with Social Distancing – for those of you who love engaging in person at our Chelsea, North Kensington and Waterloo centres.
  • Online only – for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home
  • Online + – for those who would welcome a bit of both

We’re looking forward to you becoming one of us at the course of your choice.  

Come and discover the range of courses at our Stockwell Centre