Ream El-Ashmawy

Staff Profile Picture

Ream is a tutor who specialises in Childcare, but also teaches across many different courses, such as: Restart, Public Services, Health and Social Care.  She is very passionate about learning and teaching and strives to make every learners academic journey as engaging, fun, interactive, informative and enriching as possible.

Ream has extensive experience and knowledge in Childcare and has many years under her belt working in Early Years settings and the Childcare industry. Due to this, current and cutting edge teaching takes place in the classroom.  Students will leave Morley having gained so much knowledge and experience and would be ready to progress either in more education or in an employment setting.

Ream has a diverse background in different areas such as Childcare, Teaching Assistant, Travel and Tourism, Egyptian Archaeology and Teaching.

Working for Morley offers amazing teaching experiences and ensures that all staff and learners reach their maximum potential.  Not to mention the amazing learning environment which is diverse and inclusive.