Gerald Jones

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Gerald is Director of Community Learning for Morley, working across the college to deliver courses out in our communities and engage with our most vulnerable learners.

Gerald fell in love with Morley as a young boy in the late 1970s, when he used to attend the enamelling Family Learning course in the basement with his dad and younger brother, and later came to teach Philosophy at Morley in the 1990s.   As a teacher for over thirty years, he has tried to coax philosophy down from its ivory towers and make it accessible to everyone, using games, diagrams and activities… whatever works to bring philosophy to life and relevance.  Much of this work has been published in his sixteen books, including the best-selling Philosophy In Focus series for Hodder.

Before joining Morley Gerald managed the community learning services in several local authorities, including Lewisham, and was Chair of LEAFEA the national adult education network.  His research interests include analysing the value and wider outcomes of adult learning, and using geodemographics to understand how deprivation is amplified in isolated communities.

Despite his close connection with Morley and its glorious musical history, this osmosis has failed to improve his singing or drumming skills which he still persists with in two South London bands.

You can contact Gerald directly at, connect with him via LinkedIn, or read him on Amazon.