Caroline Ings-Chambers

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Literature and The Arts

Caroline is an independent scholar, speaker, and writer in the field of Victorian Studies with special academic interests in John Ruskin, the Nineteenth Century Novel, and the role of Women in nineteenth century society, culture and the arts. Caroline is the author of ‘Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin “for you have not falsely praised”’ (Legenda, 2015) a monograph based on her doctoral thesis. In March 2023, Caroline delivered a talk on Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Jane Eyre’, ’Parity between the Maltreatment of the Child Jane Eyre with Modern Standards of Child Safeguarding’ at the NeMLA Convention in Buffalo, New York. She is scheduled to chair her own panel on ‘From Redundancy to Citizenship: Publication as a Path to Women’s Citizenship’ at the NeMLA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts in March 2024. She has developed and delivered a number of original courses at Morley College; her scheduled courses for the current academic year are ‘Introduction to the Brontë Sisters’, ‘Charlotte Brontë: “Jane Eyre”’, and ‘The Rise of the British Novel’.

Movement Studies

Caroline is a fully qualified and experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher. She is wholeheartedly committed to a whole body and whole person approach in her work with movement.

Yoga: Caroline is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Her courses incorporate a strong emphasis on spinal health, integrated holistic movement, breathing, and the psycho energetic elements of Yoga asana (i.e. chakras, prana, symbolism). Caroline’s work in Yoga is about facilitating others to open and develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Pilates: Caroline’s approach to Pilates re-activates the whole body during movement. This process begins with aligning the spine, engaging the core strength, then flowing, connected movements from out of this set up. The aim is to help students develop strong freely flowing movements.