Morley publishes new Strategic Plan

Morley College London has published its new Strategic Plan for the period 2021-25.

The Plan features:

  • Welcome from Principal/Chief Executive Dr. Andrew Gower and Chair of Governors Leisha Fullick
  • Morley College London: a snapshot
  • Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Goals
  • Cross-cutting themes, which are:
    • EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion)
    • Digital transformation
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Employability and wider learning outcomes
  • Vision statements from each of our three teaching centres
  • A series of community and individual case studies, showcasing the role that Morley plays in students’ lives

Read more about and download the plan here.

A sample case study

A week in the life of Morley College London

There’s an exciting energy about Morley…year-round and London-wide.

A wintry Monday morning early in the New Year might see a group of 16-year olds returning to their Esports BTEC at the Chelsea Centre for the Creative Industries. They’re part of the first cohort to study for this cutting-edge course that’ll gear them up for a career in the emerging world of gaming and entertainment.

There’s always room for a classical concert on a Tuesday lunchtime. Held at Waterloo’s Emma Cons Hall, and more recently live streamed online too, the audience counts staff, students and members of the public amongst its number. Patrons might wander over to the Morley Gallery afterwards – completely refurbished in time for the beginning of the 2021 academic year, the Gallery supports students to display their works, as well as showcasing the impressive in-house permanent collection and hosting a number of carefully chosen external exhibitions.

On a Wednesday evening, all three centres are buzzing with activity: a jewellery or ceramics class in North Kensington, a millinery or pattern cutting workshop at Chelsea, the chameleon-like Pelham Hall at Waterloo temporarily transformed from a sculpture gallery to a life modelling class. The place comes alive in the evening, as Londoners pursue their passions with Morley.

A summer Thursday might see a group of students doing tai chi in the Morley Heart Gardens, which welcome visitors to the North Kensington Centre for Vocational and Technical Skills. The calm is a contrast to nearby Portobello Road Market, but these students are on a mission: they’re here as part of a summer enrichment programme that will keep their brains ticking over before the start of the new academic year.

Come Friday, as the weekend nears, Morley Radio is on hand with a blend of insightful podcasts and punchy playlists to see in a Friday evening. DJs-in-waiting cut their teeth here, taking inspiration from seasoned pros who are keen to support the next generation of broadcast talent.

On Saturday mornings the stirring pulse of the Morley Jazz Orchestra fills the corridors at the Waterloo Centre for Adult Education. Take a walk around and you’ll see choirs, bands, soloists and recording studios at work too…we take our music seriously here, as former Musical Directors Tippett and Holst and Vaughan Williams would expect.

Sundays are for socialising, and with great amenities on every Morley doorstep – there’s buzzy Golborne Road at North Kensington, culture-rich Lower Marsh and the Southbank at Waterloo, and the fashionable King’s Road at Chelsea – you’ll find members of our community out in force, talking up the week to come.

And then…we do it all again.