Morley and PBC announce education and employment hub in North Kensington

Morley College London and Portobello Business Centre are excited to announce a new working partnership based at Morley’s North Kensington Centre for Skills on Wornington Road.

Morley and PBC teams coming together to support skills needs of North Kensington communities

Its aim is to deliver information, advice and guidance that connects educational pathways with local and London-wide employment.

PBC and Morley have worked together on community education and employment for a number of years. Formalising the partnership into a direct in-house service at North Kensington’s £13.5 million refurbished building will facilitate the hands-on and much needed support and advice package currently offered by PBC.

The collaboration will reinforce links with local businesses and keep the face-to-face business advice service readily accessible to those who most need and value it, at close proximity to where they live.

“Portobello Business Centre (PBC) has a strong heritage and track record of supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

“Partnering with the North Kensington Centre for Skills is a step forward for PBC to further expand the number of local community residents it can support to become successful entrepreneurs, and ultimately to grow thriving businesses.

“The community focus of Morley College London embraces the ethos of PBC and we look forward to an even closer collaborative relationship with Principal Craig and his team”.

Simon Shimmens, Portobello Business Centre CEO

PBC will have offices inside the college alongside a broader college-designed Information, Advice and Guidance Hub, which will open every weekday.

This will provide a drop-in facility for existing students and residents from the local community as well as developing and delivering a range of in-depth services, support, information, signposting and training and apprenticeship opportunities, including:

  • Start-Up & Business Advice
  • Short Courses & Webinars
  • Networking & Events
  • Local Business Forum

Craig Hanlon-Smith, Centre Principal at North Kensington Centre for Skills, said,

“College education is absolutely critical in the development of technical and interpersonal skills. Skills that we can use in the world of work, through entrepreneurship and employability.

“Working directly with Portobello Business Centre, under one roof, we are perfectly placed to support our students to become the employees of the future. We will be working with PBC to support the local workforce in upskilling and reskilling.”

Craig Hanlon-Smith, Centre Principal at North Kensington Centre for Skills