An open letter to London’s school leavers

It’s results day for 16-year-olds…and whether it’s elation or disappointment that you’re feeling today, it can be a confusing time. (Ditto for all those parents of school leavers.)

If you’re not staying on for sixth form, and were waiting on results before deciding what to to next, then we’re here for you at our Chelsea and North Kensington Centres.


From the creative disciplines of art, design and media at Chelsea, to a range of skills-based courses including sciences, public services, business and IT at North Kensington, we’ve got a range of study options specifically designed for 16-18 year olds.

Click here for a summary of what’s available.

The Morley way

Life at Morley has a different type of energy that really sets you up for life in future employment or Higher Education.

As well as your formal studies, there are plenty of opportunities to build your skills and explore your passions through things like Morley Radio and the Morley Gallery…we like to think of these as the “X factors” that make Morley unique, and we think you will too. Read more about the ‘X of Morley’ by clicking here.

Perhaps most importantly, we treat you as an adult from day one…but we make sure you’re fully supported until the day you leave us.

Read more about how Morley helps you expand your horizons by clicking here.

Get in touch

You can drop in from today to enrol and take the next step into an exciting future. (Find our more about the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries here, and the North Kensington Centre for Skills here.)

Or give us a call on 020 7450 1889, where one of our friendly student advisers can help find the right course for you.

To read more online, visit our 16-18 hub.

And for the older adult learners out there…

If you’re reading this and headlines about GCSE results day as an adult who missed out on qualifications earlier in life, Morley’s here for you too…we offer GCSEs and other essential skills courses that can help you upskill for modern life.

Over 50% of our adult learners achieved a grade 4 or higher (equivalent to a grade C or above) in GCSE Maths at our Waterloo Centre this year, so you’re in good hands.

Click here to find out our ‘open week’ at Waterloo (from 1 September.)