Adult Learning

Thinking about going to university or considering making a career change? Do you want to return to education in an adult environment?

At Morley College London, we understand that life can get in the way. Adult learners often face various challenges when considering studying at any learning level including, amongst others, the potential impact on family, work and finances.  We also appreciate that you all have a unique set of expectations relating to the environment, culture and final outcome of your learning journey.

If you are unsure of what course or level suits your needs, our expert student advisors are here to help you in identifying your potential.  Just fill in a very short (we promise it is short) form, and one our advisors will be in touch to assist you in getting started.

Go Ahead with an accredited course

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Get started with adult learning opportunities ranging from entry-level all the way to degree level, across a wide range of subjects, skills and disciplines.

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Go Further with our Level 3 and Access to HE Courses

GoFurther SquareAt Morley, we offer a range of access and advanced learning courses with you in mind. Access courses are equivalent to A-levels in terms of difficulty and offer an alternative pathway into higher education. To undertake an Access course you need to be educated to a good Level 2 standard, with GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

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Go Higher with our range of HNC and HND courses

GoHigher SquareWe also offer a selection of one, two and three-year programmes that provide you with a recognised qualification at each stage, with the ability to progress to the next level at a pace that suit your individual circumstances. 

Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) are work-related, or vocational, higher education qualifications. They are Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications respectively.  They focus on helping you to develop the higher level practical skills that you will need to work in a specific industry.  Our HNDs are taught by staff who are both industry specialists and academics.  They will help you to develop your skills so that you’ll be ready to go straight into work once you have completed the course.

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