Top Tips for Choosing Wine

Morley has introduced wine tasting courses to its Humanities programme. Tutor Ben Martin has given us five of his top tips for buying wine.

1. A £7 wine is worth eight times as much as a £5 wine

Because we pay the same amount of duty tax on every bottle of wine, paying a small amount more towards your wine can buy you a lot more. While before taxes, shipping, and the shop’s profit margin the cost of a five pound wine is around 16p, the same cost of a seven pound bottle of wine is £1.27, an amazing eight times more. So, if you can afford to, always spend £7 instead of £5 on a bottle because you’re getting a wine that’s worth eight times more.

2. Go for supermarket own brands

When faced with thousands of wines in a supermarket it can be difficult to know which wines will suit your taste. Through our course at Morley you’ll learn how to read wine labels so that you know what to expect from a wine. Good places to start however are supermarkets’ own label wines. Supermarkets work very hard with respected winemakers to produce wines that are typical of that grape variety and wine region, so by trying the supermarket own brands you can get a sense of what you like and don’t, and then experiment more with the grape varieties and regions you prefer.

3. Be wary of supermarket discounts

Supermarkets often offer a wine on half-price discount, suggesting you’re getting a fantastic deal, when actually the wine’s only worth the cut price. Shops are only required to put wines at their full price for a month before they can be reduced, so wines often spend most of the year on their supposed reduced prices. Much better are deals that offer a percentage off if you buy a certain number of bottles.

4. Find cheaper regions

If you like wines made from a particular grape variety then search the internet for other wine regions that use the same variety. You’ll find that often the wines supermarkets push aren’t the best value and that similar but better quality wines from different parts of the world can be found at a better price. On our course at Morley we’ll learn more about wine regions and which regions use which grapes.

5. Find an independent wine merchant you trust

Independent wine shops pride themselves on being able to accommodate all of their customers’ different tastes. Talk to them about what wines you’ve enjoyed and they will be able to recommend some new and exciting wines. They might even have some wines open that you can try for free!

This September Morley College introduces new wine courses to its programme. In anticipation tutor Ben Martin has given us five of his top tips for buying wine..

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