Top 5 French Films

French Cinema tutor Jonathan Davis has chosen his five favourite French films.

JD: Choosing just five favourite films is next to impossible but here are some I would always be happy to watch again.

Quatre Cents Coups
Truffaut’s first feature launched his career and that of a young teenager who plays an unwanted youngster rejected by his family and making the streets of Paris his home.  Warm, humane and real as it was based on Truffaut’s own life.

A poetic vision of canal life, love and loss in 1930’s France. Made by a genius of early cinema Jean Vigo who tragically died shortly after its completion.

Le Goût des autres
Bacri and Jaoui’s magnificent ensemble piece following a businessman hopelessly lost in love of the wrong woman and the bohemian lifestyle completely alien to his own. This takes modern France apart but in a very nice way.

La Haine
Kassowitz takes a trip to the gritty suburbs of Paris and follows the troubled lives of three young men born to be marginalised. Brilliant shot, acted and so provocative the French Cabinet was forced to watch it.

Ma Nuit chez Maude
Whoever said that French theology was boring? In this 1960’s classic Eric Rohmer teases us with the story of two young men and the eponymous Maude. What will happen when religion meets communism? A wonderful human story set against the grit of a provincial winter. 

For a list of Jonathan’s top 100 favourite films visit his website.  

French Cinema tutor Jonathan Davis has chosen his five favourite French films.

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