Portrait of Sir Michael Tippett

Sir Michael Tippett by Oskar Kokoschka
Portrait of Sir Michael Tippett, Director of Music 1940–51, 1953 
Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980)
Charcoal on paper, 62x47cm

Oscar Kokoschka, Austrian artist, poet and playwright. He studied at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts 1905-09 and was badly wounded in 1915 serving on the Eastern Front. He taught at the Dresden Academy 1919-24 and after the rise of the Nazis, whom he outspokenly opposed, he moved first to Prague and then to England in 1938. From 1953 he lived mainly in Switzerland. Kokoschka was an expressionist painter, draughtsman and lithographer of portraits, landscapes and figure subjects and author of several plays and other writing. The portrait of Sir Michael Tippett, was bequeathed to Morley College by music critic Peter Heyworth and unveiled by Tippett in 1994; this was one of three portraits painted at the same time.

On loan. Reproduction located outside Holst Room.

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