Portrait of Denis Richards

Denis Richards by Ruskin Spear
Portrait of Denis Richards,
Principal of Morley College 1950–65
Ruskin Spear CBE, RA (1911–1990)
Oil on canvas, 71 x 61cm

Ruskin Spear CBE, RA, British painter and teacher was born in London and studied at the Royal College of Art. Spear taught at various art schools and at the Royal College of Art 1948-75. He was president of the London Group and exhibited at Morley Gallery’s inaugural exhibition. Spear is best known for his portraits, several of which are held by the National Portrait Gallery, and landscapes, especially views of Hammersmith, London. His work is often broadly brushed and has a narrative quality with elements of humour and respectful satire. A retrospective of Spear’s work was held at the Royal Academy in 1980 and included in the Tate Gallery Collection.

Located outside Library. 

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