Term 3 Update

Last updated: Friday 15 May

About refunds

Due to heavy demand during the Covid-19 crisis, you may experience a delay in receiving your refund for your Morley College course. We recognise the inconvenience this is causing, and apologise for the delay.

Please allow 28 days for your refund to be processed. If you have not received a refund after 28 days, please contact us using this online form and select the ‘Refunds’ enquiry type. We will contact you as soon as possible with an update.

Term 3

Whilst Morley College London remains physically closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, behind the scenes our staff are doing everything possible to minimise disruption to students’ learning.

Due to ongoing social distancing advice, there can be no face-to-face delivery in college during Term 3 (the summer term). But since we closed our doors in March, our tutors have been working hard to adapt many courses for delivery online during Term 3:

Unaccredited courses

A list of unaccredited courses that have been adapted for online delivery during Term 3 is now available here. Existing students will be contacted individually, and all courses remain open for new applications until Thursday 30 April, with delivery in most cases commencing on Monday 4 May.

Despite our best efforts, it has not been possible to adapt every course for online learning, and unfortunately, this means that we now need to cancel some courses for the upcoming term. Existing students on these courses will be contacted individually about their options for continuing their studies.

Accredited courses

All accredited programmes will continue throughout Term 3 and will move to online learning, starting from Monday 20 April as per schedule. Existing students will be contacted individually about continuing their studies.

As public examinations have now been confirmed to be cancelled, we are working in collaboration with awarding bodies and validating organisations to understand what the cancelled exams and assessments mean for our students. Due to the complex nature of qualifications and grading it is essential this is correct and signed off by qualifications regulator Ofqual, therefore for some areas we cannot yet provide you with the full position. 

We will update this webpage once more information is available, and current students should also look out for an email from your curriculum area outlining information on your award. If you have any questions please contact us on assessmentinfo@morleycollege.ac.uk

Information about joining your Morley Online course

Morley College London uses a mixture of online learning platforms.  Most courses are offered using a mixture of Moodle or Google Classroom online resources and Microsoft Teams for web communication and collaboration. You will be provided with a login by the college and these technologies can all be accessed using a modern web browser.

Information about joining your Morley Online Course

Advice from awarding bodies

We will update this section as assessment guidelines from each awarding body are released.