From our tempting wine tasting classes, local history courses, to Access to Higher Education Diplomas, our humanities programmes offer you a vast selection of options as wide as your ambition, which are designed to be flexible to your level of interest.

Perhaps you have an interest in film which you would like to explore with others who share your passion, or the curiosity to know more about local history. Alternatively you may be interested in creative writing but not sure where to start in developing your talents.

Morley is proud to have gathered together a range of talented tutors from the UK and overseas to bring you a range of humanities subjects taught by genuine experts with years of experience in passing their knowledge on to people like you.

Our staff are drawn from a range of disciplines which includes screen writing, journalism, and creative writing.

You will study among people who share your passion and, like you, have come to Morley to build their knowledge or to start at the very beginning in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

Humanities Courses

Just some of the humanities courses we offer: counselling, psychology, creative writing, poetry, film & theatre studies, history & philosophy, literature, journalism, media communications and wine tasting.

Our staff

Our staff are experienced teaching professionals who can guide you in your studies.

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