The Jewellery Department at Morley College has an outstanding reputation for providing jewellery courses for adults at all levels of learning. We offer full and part-time day, evening and weekend courses for the beginner through to professional level in our new and fantastically equipped jewellery studio. Our students enjoy a relaxed and supportive environment in which to learn new skills, develop existing talents or improve their employment opportunities; something we have been doing for over forty years. If you want to learn wax working, soldering, general metalwork fabrication, beading, forging, enamelling, keum- boo, coppersmithing, wood carving, casting, working with acrylics, stone setting, aluminium printing, mould making with silicone rubbers, resin work, laser cutting, polymer clays, design, etching metals and polishing, we have the course for you.

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Jane de Baecke JewelleryJane de Baecke

Jewellery Certificate Courses

Do you want to take your jewellery making to the next level? We have two jewellery certificate courses that start from Certificate Level 1 a year-long beginners course to our intermediate  Certificate Level 2 which prepares you to start a business or apply to higher education. Both courses will guide you through various training modules to set you up as a confident jeweller.

Carolyn Lucas JewelleryCarolyn Lucas

Jewellery Tutors

We are particularly proud of our tutors who are practising professionals, as well as experienced teachers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines. They will help you to achieve your study goals, whatever they may be.

Shirley Castle JewelleryShirley Castle

Jewellery Studio

Situated in a light spacious room the jewellery studio has 16 individual jewellers benches with their characteristic semi-circle cut out.  We have three flamefast hearths, two fume cupboards and an enamelling room with three kilns. The machine bench helps you to move your projects forward with two guillotines, a bandsaw, a linisher, a bonny doon press, three bench drills, a watchmakers lathe and a grinder. We have three rolling mills if you need to texture your metal or make it a bit thinner, not to mention easily making up some square or half-round wire. If you want to recycle your silver we have a hot metal furnace and all of the equipment to do small scale studio casting. For finishing jewellery we have a double spindle polishing machine, two-barrel polishers and a magnetic polisher. We also have a laser cutter and access to 3D printing machines. We provide all of the essential hand tools needed to make jewellery. We also provide basic materials in reasonable quantities, such as base metals, paper, acrylics, enamel etc.

 You can do a virtual tour here.   

Jewellery Studio

Awards, Competitions and Partnerships

We like to link up, reach out and spread the word about the wonderful pieces being made in the jewellery studio. We have a partnership with ACJ- The Association of Contemporary Jewellers who award two of our students each year. Every term we host a jewellery lecture in association with ACJ.

We encourage our students to take part in the biannual V&A Inspired By competition. You can see our past winners here and here.


If you study Jewellery making at Morley then there are opportunities to exhibit work in the College’s exhibition spaces including the jewellery sections permanent case – The Barbara Cristie Case, the Foyer Cases and the Morley Gallery. 

We also like to exhibit externally and we have shown our students jewellery at New Designers and other venues such as Elizabeth House.

We collaborate with Textiles and Fashion every year in our annual Catwalk show.