Student Spotlight: Rafael Peinador Perez

Rafael Peinador Perez joined us in 2017 and has taken a number of millinery courses with us. He has been shortlisted for this year’s Inspired By… competition for his work “Poisonous Mushroom”, and is planning to take an HND in Millinery at Kensington and Chelsea College so he can become a professional milliner.

His credits include:

* London Southbank University theatre production. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

* ENO work experience.

* Photography & Digital collaboration Morley College

* HND Fashion collaboration Morley College

* V&A Inspired By Finalist 

Student Tesimonial:

“I started my millinery courses at Morley College in September 2017, without a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. I had the curiosity and the desire to learn more about millinery and to be able to make hats. After two courses, I recently enrolled on the third one which will finish in June. After that I will carry on with my studies as I would like to become a professional milliner. 

The decision was clear to me after the first three months, and there are a few things which have helped me with this decision:

The programs, offered at Morley College are short courses and the timings are suitable for me. The teachers, Claire Strickland and Vesna Pesic, both absolutely amazing, are very experienced and knowledgeable but also very enthusiastic.

The collaboration opportunities; during the second course we had the opportunity to collaborate with London Southbank University, making two crowns, and headpieces for the costumes for characters of their new production of  ‘A midsummer Night’s Dream’. 

This term we will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the Digital Media/Photography students and HND Fashion students.

These collaborations are invaluable for students, who like me want to become professional milliners. It provides an amazing opportunity to practise our skills making hats outside the classroom, develop skills like budgeting and time management and develop and create pieces from a client’s briefing. 

Without these opportunities, it would be very difficult for us to have a taste of the professional work-life or to access any work experience or have a work placement. It’s also fundamental in order to improve your professional CV.

I also managed to gain some work experience at the ENO (English National Opera) which again gave me a great insight into costumes & Millinery for Theatre/Opera.

Through Morley College, I also entered and have been shortlisted as a finalist for the V&A  ‘Inspired By’ competition.                                                                                

I am now applying to progress to the HND Millinery Course at KCC 

The possibility of having a working experience with established milliners, information about competitions, collaborations with theatres, universities, and collaborations with other students are a great opportunity to be able to further develop the skills learnt on the courses.”

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A case study on employability and progression from Morley courses, featuring Morley Millinery Student Rafael Peinador Perez

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