Policies and Reports

Deputy Principal Marco Macchitella provides updates on College policies and reports:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy

"The College has recently published a revised version of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy. This is a key document that relates all tutors within the College, and more broadly to all staff involved in delivering and managing learning, teaching and assessment. The policy covers all areas that impact directly on the learning experience of our students (e.g. classroom delivery, the new lesson observation scheme, the application of RARPA at Morley, CPD) across the range of our programmes, accredited and unaccredited, from entry level right through to Higher Education. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the content of the policy and if you have any queries or need any clarification, please contact your line manager. The policy is available on EMMA."

The Self-Assessment Report 2016-17

"We have recently completed our self-assessment report (SAR) for the academic year 2016-17 and this will be published shortly on EMMA. The SAR recognises the significant improvements we have made over the course of last year and judges Morley as a good and improving provider with many outstanding features.

"The quality of learning, teaching and assessment continues to advance significantly and within an overall judgement of ‘good’, there are now many examples of outstanding professional practice. Teaching effectively promote students’ personal, social and cultural development and employability within a culture that promotes equality and celebrates diversity. Student satisfaction is extremely high and the SAR celebrates the achievements of the College students and their engagement in the outstanding range of activities, events and learning opportunities that have become a defining feature of the student experience at Morley College London.

"Our journey towards outstanding continues steadfastly and the intended target is very clearly in sight thanks to the dedication, professionalism and passion of all our staff."