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Top Tips for Devising Theatre

This October Morley is pleased to welcome The Wardrobe Ensemble to the Theatre and Acting department. They will be proving a master class in devising theatre. 

The Wardrobe Ensemble are a group of theatre artists who create new plays that dissect the twenty-first century experience. The masterclass is aimed at introducing the skills necessary to make devised theatre that is exciting, original and sustainable. To get you inspired  The Wardrobe Ensemble provide their top tips for devising theatre. 

Get the idea up on its feet
You won’t know if it’s any good if you talk about what you could do rather than doing it.
Generate loads of material
The more ideas you have, the more ideas you have to develop, refine and discard.
Quick tasks
Set yourselves 10 or 15 minute tasks to create quick material to show back to the group. This will stop too much discussion and overthinking, and will generate more starting points to develop later.
If your starting points are too general, it can be hard to know where to begin. Give yourselves restrictions to create more focused material.
Say Yes!
Like improv games, don’t reject the idea before you’ve given it a go.
Break time
Slaving away in the rehearsal room for hours won’t necessarily create any more good work. Give yourself time to rest, get bored and get excited about getting in the room again.
Everyone should be able to express an idea with the knowledge it will be listened to and thought about.

Laugh with, not at
Be as silly as you possibly can! You should be in a safe space where it doesn’t matter what you look like.

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