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Females Represent at Morley

Caroline Criado Perez profile

Last night saw guest speaker Caroline Criado Perez delivering the final lecture in our Spring series of Penny Lectures. Caroline posed the question ‘Does Female Representation Matter?’ to a packed audience of over 80 people.

In her lecture Caroline outlined the way in which women have been portrayed throughout the centuries from witch hunts in medieval times through to media in the 21st century. The consequences of male domination and why women need to make a stand.

This was followed by a lively Q&A with guests asking about female workplace quotas, maternity leave imbalance and the segregation of items for 'boys' and items for 'girls'.

This lecture is the third one of the year of our newly revived series of Penny Lectures which marks Morley’s 125th anniversary. The lecture series was re-launched last September and has seen a range of topics covered from London in the First World War, astronomy, the parallels of craft and surgery and civil liberties in the UK.

The Penny Lectures date back to the earliest history of Morley College with found Emma Cons hosting weekly lectures at the Royal Victoria Coffee and Music Hall, which is now the Old Vic theatre. The aim was to offer morally-decent entertainment at affordable prices for the community. The lectures would play host to eminent scientists of the day and address the public on a wide range of topics all for just one penny.

The lecture series will continue next term with a Summer series. Details to follow at the start of term.

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