Professor Jerry White, Penny Lectures Sept 2014

Zeppelin Nights at Morley

Last night saw the first in our series of Penny Lectures with Professor Jerry White discussing the impact the First World War had and continues to have on London in his lecture, Zeppelin Nights: London in the First World War.

This inaugural lecture of the year saw over 90 guests attend the event with Professor White laying out the timeline of dramatic events that took place in London during the War, highlights including the impact of conscription on the population, the effect on the immigrant community and the terror of the Zeppelin air raids, followed by a lively Q&A after the lecture.

Professor White is an historian and a visiting professor of London history at Birkbeck, University of London. Described as “Meticulously researched and full of often engaging detail” (The Guardian), Professor White has written several books examining the history of the capital from 17th century East London tenement blocks to London in the 20th century as well as the Roman origins of the city.

The lecture is the first in the autumn series of Penny Lectures. The second guest speaker will be Professor Roger Kneebone with the lecture Performing Surgery: The Theatre of the Theatre, providing us a glimpse into the hidden world of the operating theatre, taking place on Thursday 16 October.

The following month will see Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti discussing her new book On Liberty on Tuesday 25 November.

The Penny Lectures date back to the earliest history of Morley College with found Emma Cons hosting weekly lectures at the Royal Victoria Coffee and Music Hall, which is now the Old Vic theatre. The aim was to offer morally-decent entertainment at affordable prices for the community. The lectures would play host to eminent scientists of the day and address the public on a wide range of topics all for just one penny.

Continuing the tradition we are reviving the Penny Lectures in this our 125 year anniversary, with more lectures scheduled to take place in the Spring and Summer terms.

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