Caroline Areskog Jones and Eleni Kalorkoti

Q&A: Art Scholarship Students

Last summer Morley’s Art and Design department launched a new scholarship programme for two artists with the generous support from the Alfred Teddy Smith and Zsuzsi Roboz Art Trust, aiming to bring a significant body of work to public attention. 

The scholarship provides the opportunity for the two artists of promise to receive expert tuition at Morley over the course of a year, tailoring a programme of courses which will develop their own practice culminating in a public exhibition at Morley Gallery.

The scholarship is offered in memory of the celebrated painter, Zsuzsi Roboz.

The selected artists this year are Caroline Areskog Jones and Eleni Kalorkoti. With their first term at Morley complete we catch up with both of them to find out how they are getting on. 

What has been your favourite course you have done so far?

Caroline Areskog Jones: For me it has been more combining different techniques, overlapping and transferring skills between areas like textiles and paper printmaking. I tried not to have any pre-conceptions about what I wanted to learn or do but be open to all techniques and learn from tutors.

Eleni Kalorkoti: I’ve really enjoyed patchwork quilt making. I had a lot of ideas and things I envisaged creating so it has been great making it a reality and creating new things I hadn’t thought of. I am also doing jewellery making which I am more open to learning new skills and experience.

How have these skills developed your own practice?

CAJ: Right now it’s hard to make time to develop work as I am gaining so many new skills. It is more a process of learning and increasing my knowledge which will inform all my future work and lead to new areas in my practice.

EK: My work has always been paper based so I’ve made a conscious effort to work in 3D with the courses I have chosen to push my themes in new directions. Like Caroline, I am learning a lot right now so it is hard to say how the skills I am gaining will impact my practice.

What courses are you taking this term?

EK: I am continuing with jewellery and patchwork quilt making.

CAJ: I’m working in textile printing, drawing and printmaking.

What have you found the most challenging?

Both: Time, balancing our time between learning new skills and developing new work. We want to seize the opportunities to learn but it’s hard to devote time to new ideas.

EK: Also timetabling, creating a schedule to take all the courses I want to take and making it all work together.

What have been the benefits from doing this scholarship?

CAJ: The tutors, it has been great to receive support and their expert knowledge. Also the dynamic atmosphere in adult education classes which is different from Art College. There are active discussions between students and people are curious about what we are doing.

EK: Also the diversity of the student body, everyone comes from different jobs and backgrounds but on the course we all have the same interest and want to learn. It’s really interesting talking to everyone and being a part of the class, otherwise I would be working by myself in my studio.

CAJ: Yes, the studio community is great and a huge benefit. I am not only learning from the tutor but so many of the students who have taken these courses for years.

Caroline and Eleni’s exhibition will be on display in Morley Gallery in September 2016. 

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