The Imposters Club

Girls Aloud star picks Morley Radio's The Imposters Club

Former Girls Aloud singer, actress, songwriter, and BBC’s The Masked Singer winner Nicola Roberts recently picked Morley Radio production The Imposters Club as one of her all-time favourite podcasts, alongside Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations and Problem Solvers.

Speaking to presenter Laura Whitmore on Castaway, the Desert Island Discs for podcasts, Nicola recounted her experiences winning Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, and more recently experiencing imposter syndrome as she prepared to star in West End musical City of Angels. Whitmore appreciated Nicola’s recommendation: ‘there’s two women that do it together, they’re two really good friends in their thirties. I don’t know them, and yet I feel I do because they’re dealing with the same stuff I’m dealing with.’

The Imposters Club, hosted by Morley's Marketing, Communications and Engagement Officer Sinéad Kennedy Krebs and Melissa Murdock, is a fortnightly podcast recorded at Morley Radio in our Waterloo Centre. The podcast deconstructs the phenomenon known as imposter syndrome, talking through how it functions in various areas of our lives, and how to navigate it. 

Discussing what she’s learned from The Imposters Club, Nicola, said, ‘it’s about disciplining yourself when you hear those thoughts and you say ‘no, we’re not going to listen to them’. It’s about flexing that muscle and thinking about the good thought and then training your brain to think positively… and those women, like Oprah, they all seem to do that. When you listen to someone’s podcast and that is the thread and that is the underlying tone, it just reminds you to do it.’

The Imposters Club is in its second season, and has covered topics including imposter syndrome at work, navigating self doubt in relationships, eco-anxiety and even dealing with grief. A new episode, ‘Notes on Social Distancing, Working from Home and Staying Connected’, recorded at home, is available now at

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