Green Week

Morley's new initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues

Coming up in the first week of March, Monday 2nd – Friday 6th, Morley College London is hosting its first Green Week.

5 days of lunchtime, afternoon and evening events will raise awareness of environmental issues and provide opportunities to inspire acts of change.

Green Week brings the chance to educate yourself on the pressing concerns with our film screenings, lower your impact by discovering something new in one of our swap shops, take care of your bike for a cleaner, safer commute and be inspired by the acts of others in our Penny Lecture.


Marian Lynch, textiles programme manager, and the sustainability committee here at Morley, established the action and operate as part of the college’s ongoing commitment to improving their environment sustainability. They work to promote greener living, both within the college and the local community, through events and also work on the development of college wide initiatives.


The highlight of the week will be hosting Sara Arnold as our guest Penny Lecturer. Sara Arnold has inspired us with her actions to make a change. She is both an active campaigner with Extinction Rebellion and the founder of Higher Studio, a thoughtful fashion rental platform.

In her lecture, Sara will talk about the science of the climate and ecological breakdown and the effect of the fashion industry on our environment. She will tell us what we can do about it and how to move forward in light of this crisis.


Morley is focused on considering ways to help in everyday College life and how we can make changes not only for a better way of life for us now but for our future.

As part of Green Week we have also made smaller manageable changes including;

  • A Pledge Wall – drive healthier habits for yourself and your planet by making a pledge
  • Meat Free Monday – Avoiding meat and dairy is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth. 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions are from meat production.
  • Removal of plastic cups - To lower our contribution to this figure, we have removed all cups from our water coolers. It’s a small change, to make a big difference here at Morley.

Get involved with our Green Week, 2-6 March, with our array of activities and events. Turn eco anxiety into eco action! Find out more.

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