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The Maximum Reinhardt Show Returns to Morley Radio

We're excited to announce that The Maximum Reinhardt Show, which premiered on 30 October, will return to Morley Radio this Wednesday at 8pm.

Morley Radio - Max ReinhardtHosted by Max Reinhardt, the presenter of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, The Maximum Reinhardt Show features an eclectic mix of music such as sound art, dub, rural blues, contemporary classical, free jazz, folk, electro acoustic, rap, noise, and other sonic flotsam and jetsam - familiar territory for fans of Late Junction.

The pilot episode, which is still available to listen to on the Morley Radio website, also featured performances by guest musician Diabel Cissokho. Part of a great line of Cissokho griots, Diabel grew up in his native Senegal surrounded by a rich musical heritage. Today he is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, but he has the greatest affinity for the kora, which he played live in the Morley Radio studio.

Morley Radio - Diabel Cissokho and Max ReinhardtA producer, composer, Radio 3 DJ and alternative music aficionado, Max Reinhardt has over many years assembled an extensive collection of rare recordings spanning world music, jazz, electronica and experimental music, which he has made available exclusively to Morley College London, its students, and contributors to Morley Radio.

The Maximum Reinhardt Show airs on Wednesday 27 November, from 8:00pm - 9:30pm on Morley Radio. Listen live, explore the archive, and find out how you can make programmes for Morley Radio online at!

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