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Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship 2019 - Helen JohannessenWe’re excited to announce that Helen Johannessen, one of our Zsuzsi Roboz Art scholars this year, has had her work selected for the prestigious Korean International Ceramics Biennale 2019. Voting is currently open on the KICB website and visitors can vote for up to three works, but be sure to vote by Thursday 31 October!

To support Helen’s work, click here to visit the KICB website and click on the heart icon next to her listing. You can find her by searching for her name, or her entry number, which is 113. Here's what you're looking for on the page:

Helen Johannessen KICBRead our profile with Helen for the Zsuzsi Roboz scholarship here, or see more of her work on her website or on Instagram.

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