Morley Art Foundation Students Open Pangaea

Graduates from Morley's Art Foundation diploma have opened Pangaea, their end-of-year show, at the Borough Gallery in London South Bank University.

Zoe RafahThe show marks the end of a year's intensive study and artistic practice, and offers students an opportunity to express their individual voices in a variety of media. Named for the supercontinent that eventually broke apart to form the continents we know today, Pangaea features paintings, prints, sculptures, and conceptual installations by the 11 graduating students.

Bernadette EnrightSpeaking at the private view on 16 July, Sara Robertson-Jonas, the Head of Visual and Digital Arts at Morley, said: "The standard of work here is exceptional. One of the features of this Art Foundation diploma is that there is no house style. Everybody speaks with their own voice, and goes on their own journey. This year's students in particular have really bonded, and they work so well as a team. That mutual support has been amazing, and it's really helped them all in their journey. They're now all progressing on to a range of next steps, including university, coming back to Morley, setting out to make their own work and discover new things. So I want to wish them all the very best of luck in their next steps."

Carmen van HuisstedePangaea is open at the Borough Gallery between 12pm-6pm from 17-19 July. Find out more about the Morley Art Foundation diploma here.

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